Kids & Students Pastor – Saginaw Campus

January 31, 2023
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Job Description

Kids & Students Pastor
Location | Saginaw
FT FLSA Classification | Commissioned, Exempt, Full Time Reports to | Campus Pastor
Influenced by | Kids and Student Central Directors
Position Summary:
The Kids and Student Pastor is called to help kids and students take next steps with God through the practices of knowing God, growing with others, and changing the world. This person will oversee the campus family ministry from birth through high school. This person will be responsible for overall curriculum adaptation for weekend services, small group lessons, organizing camps and events. This will require having a “Do whatever it takes” mentality, being devoted to learning, and a willingness to be part of the big picture of what 2|42 Kids & Students are doing in a multi-site context.
What To Expect From Us:
● Clear expectations for your leadership, ministry impact, and work-flow
● A work environment that will challenge and inspire you to be the best follower of Christ
you can be (ex: Jesus first, then spouse, then family, then ministry)
● A leadership team that trusts you.
● A leadership team committed to being led by God to impact our communities
● Coaching and support for your God-given calling
● A church that encourages and fans your gifts and talents
As a 2|42 Community Church Staff Member:
All Ministry positions at 2|42 work in a team. You will need to work well with existing team members and align to decisions that are made, even if you don’t agree with them. A good team member has open and honest conversations, allows tensions to exist within the team but always supports the team’s decisions and directions outside of the team meetings. Relational intelligence will be a key component to ensuring collaboration with the ministry teams.
● Uphold and agree to the 2|42 Statements of Beliefs and Leadership Expectations.
● FT Attend “All Staff” meetings, Campus Staff events, and Leadership Community events
● Respond to all correspondence (email, voicemail, Slack, etc.) within 24 hours either
through direct communications or an automated reply letting someone know when they
should expect a correspondence back.
● Lean on the systems and resources provided by 2|42 community Church (our
databases, leadership pipeline, and any cross-campus interactions).
Job Responsibilities include but not limited to:

● Be one of the main influencers providing leadership to teams for kids and students ministry.
● Constantly raising the bar of excellence and expectations of programming and events through excellent vision casting, challenging directly, and caring personally.
● Production, development, organization, and upkeep of all team training resources.
● Constantly collaborating with the other 2|42 kids and student staff in order to maintain a
sense of alignment across ministry areas, especially in all programming and event
● ALWAYS be a team player and have an unstoppable mindset when it comes to helping
kids and students take next steps with God. (We LOVE solution-minded people!)
● Grow your ministry to reach as many kids and students as possible.
● Grow your teams to include the most high-capacity volunteers and leaders as possible.
● Track and measure the growth and effectiveness of your ministry.
● Be a “Leader of Leaders” who is capable of significant recruitment and getting other
people on mission in order to help more kids and students take more next steps with
God than you’re capable of doing on your own.
● Work with Campus Pastor and Kids and Student Director to help set & achieve term
● Meet monthly to review goals and be held accountable for performance. ●
● All other duties as assigned.
Personal Characteristics:
Have a deep and growing relationship with God, active involvement in the leadership of the church and campus, and have a commitment to maintaining healthy and accountable relationships. A Christ-honoring lifestyle marked by, servanthood, generosity, joy, a love for bible study and prayer. A growing passion to shepherd others in their walk with God and to work effectively with many key leaders is necessary. Integrity in finances, relationships, and time management are expected.
● A clear and vibrant commitment to Jesus Christ displayed through their personal faith and devotional life.
● A passionate love for the church and a healthy understanding and embracing of its history
● A solid commitment to the authority of Scripture and a well-developed personal theology.
● Sets a positive example and serves as a role model in their personal life.
● Warm, encouraging personality that connects well with others.
● A team player who’s able to both follow and lead while always being FLEXIBLE.
● Great recruiter and trainer of others.
● Clear personal and professional vision.
Utilize time management and organizational strategies to effectively carry out
ministry logistics (i.e. calendar use, data tracking, event proposals/reflections, etc).

● A passion for continuous improvement.
● A “whatever it takes” attitude.
Competency & Desired Qualifications:
● Leadership Competencies including but not limited to team building, vision-casting, training leaders for ministry and transformational leader of leaders
● Ability to thrive in a fast-moving environment
● Excellent working knowledge of the Bible
● Tactical thinker with proven ability to equip leaders and organize functional structures
● Effective communicator to adults of all ages
● Proven effectiveness in a multi-staff & multi-campus setting; able to connect with
people across generations.
● A college degree is preferable.
● A background of at least 5 years prior experience at a multi-site church is preferable.
● A proven track record of growth in a previous ministry setting is preferable.
● A heart for children, students and their families is a must.
● A humble approach and a desire to learn is a must.
Sacerdotal Duties:
This position will report to the Campus Pastor and will become a member of our Campus Leadership Team. As such, this staff position will act in pastoral roles, such as: teaching, baptism, funerals, communion, baby dedications, worship services, spiritual counseling, and administrative affairs of the church.