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About Company

Our History:
Bridge is an 2017 ARC church plant in Cape Coral FL. We began with 40 people and have had steady growth since our opening. We moved into a permanent facility in November of 2018 located in the center of our city. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic we were averaging 110 people weekly. On September 27, 2020 we began weekly in person services again. Our attendance has grown back to our pre-covid average and we are making plans to go to two services in 2023. We have been experiencing a consistent stream of visitors, people being saved, baptized, and discipled. We sense we are in a season of spiritual acceleration and believe the hiring of a full time Creative and Student Pastor is our next step as a congregation.

Our Congregation:
Some of us are new to faith in Christ, others have followed Jesus all our lives, and some of us are just exploring what it means to follow Jesus. None of us have all the answers or have it all together. We are simply trying to do our best to learn more about Jesus, learn his word, be more like him daily, and help others find the life only Jesus can give.

We are a diverse multi-generational congregation. We are young, retired, young marrieds, single, divorced, remarried, parents, grandparents, empty nesters and single parents. Our congregation very much mirrors the demographics of our city.

Each Sunday our desire is create a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the transformational presence of Jesus through worship and the his words.

Our Leadership Culture
Empowerment with boundaries. You will have clear direction, with creative freedom,healthy boundaries, and flexibility.

Honor and loyalty. We honor each other and protect each other. We honor those over us, along side us, and those God has entrusted to us to lead.

Grace filled accountability. None of us are perfect and we all fail. We understand that sometimes the best intentions, most diligent planning, and prayerfully considered steps don’t go as planned. You have the freedom to fail and learn. It’s part of life and leadership.

Collaborative learning. We learn from each other. We listen for what we haven’t yet heard and look to see a different viewpoint. We believe you don’t know what you don’t know, until someone who does know what you don’t know, tells you what you don’t know. Teachability is the key to everything.

Responsive creativity. We spur each other on. We take a good idea and make it great. We take a sketch from one person and create a masterpiece together. Together we find the meat of an idea and set the bones aside.