As a pastor, I want to find as many ways as possible to help churches as they look to serve their congregations.
One of the struggles many face is in staffing.

I’ve spoken to tons of people on both sides of this. Churches who are struggling to hire out of COVID, and people who feel called to ministry, but don’t know where to start.

So I created a place where any church, regardless of budget, could post as many job postings as they would like without worrying about the overhead cost to just let people know the position was open! 

Yup! For the churches who would like to get their job postings in front of even more people we have some premium options.

The premium options are priced at what other sites charge to just post a job.

The reason we have this option is so provide additional service to those who would like it, and also cover the costs of running the website.

You never need to feel the pressure to pay for a premium post. For as long as you want it, and for as many posts as you would like, you can post your openings for free with our regular job posting option.

Yea probably!

The best two ways to keep an eye out for promos are:

  1. Follow @ForMy.Church on social media
  2. Sign up for our email newsletter at the bottom of the webpage

We would love to help how ever we can!

Reach out to Joshua Pidgley at: jpidgley@formy.church