Shepherd of The Hills Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)

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Shepherd of the Hills is a great church with a great staff team, supportive leadership, and a warm, caring, welcoming congregation. We are an inclusive church that welcomes all and provides space for spiritual growth for all ages. Our staff is innovative, collaborative, and creative. We are not afraid of failure, and our willingness to try new things makes it an exciting, fun, and fulfilling workplace. This will be a dream job for the right person!

We are a warm community, grounded in Scripture, united by grace, and driven by gratitude to serve Jesus Christ in the world and worship Him joyfully.
As a church, we empower everyone to live out Jesus’ commandment by going deeper to worship, grow, connect, send, and attract.
We are affiliated with the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. (PCUSA).

We are imperfect followers of Jesus Christ, continually transformed by God’s love and forgiveness. We are building a vibrant, welcoming community that expresses that love in word and action. Our vision is “Love God, Love Everybody.”We believe in the power of love. Period. We are each created in God’s image and filled with the divine spirit through love. No matter where we are on our journey, God’s imprint is in every person of every race/ethnicity, every culture, every religion, every gender and gender identity, every socio-economic status, every ability and disability, every sexual orientation, and every political ideology.