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Westwood Baptist Church has been a prominent gospel presence in Thurston County for over 50 years. The people who call Westwood “home” love it for its steadfast Bible teaching and strong sense of community. Under the leadership of just three senior pastors, Westwood’s commitment to faithfully teaching God’s Word has not wavered; and it is what continues to draw people to the church. Strategically located in the heart of the community on a beautiful 23-acre campus, Westwood Baptist Church desires to be a place where people are welcomed, taught, and encouraged to live out their mission as followers of Christ. This is accomplished in authentic and relevant ways, both in a post-pandemic culture, and as the church emerges from a season of turmoil and change. With a new lead pastor in place and a defined vision, the staff and the people of Westwood humbly and willingly give of their time, and share their gifts, expertise, and resources to accomplish its mission of loving God with everything, loving everyone unconditionally and making disciples everywhere.