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Four critical words encompass and define everything we do at Vertical Church. These words serve as a decision filter and a call to a greater purpose. Each one has incredible power and has proven itself in the lengthy track record of this church:



Vertical Church is committed to being a generous community. Generosity is a common theme throughout the Bible. From the creation of man to the words of Jesus promising eternal life, it is clear that we serve a God who is good and generous. Because we are made in the image of God, it is a natural desire for us to recognize and practice generosity. We can see this on display in the life of Jesus and His ability to meet the needs of those around him in miraculous ways.


You can belong before you believe. We love this statement in our community, and for good reason.  It contains so much hope, so much promise. Here you can process pain in a safe environment. Here, we suspend our judgment of you because we are expectant for what God desires to do in you.


Our desire is to be unpredictable in the right things. Predictability, in many ways, leads to an unwillingness to follow the changing directions of God. Based on the evidence, God loves to begin new things. The creative, new methods of God are limitless. We will do our best to be just like this.


Authenticity is becoming more and more celebrated both inside and outside the church. We couldn’t be more for this trend.  The days of photoshopping decisions or people in the church are over because they were dishonest and ineffective. It’s because of our willingness to admit our brokenness that the activity of God in our lives is clearly seen by others.