High School & Young Adult Director/Pastor

March 29, 2023
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Job Description

Position Description: High School/Young Adults Pastor
Real Life Christian Church

The role of High School/Young Adults Pastor at Real Life Christian Church is to build leadership teams that create environments and foster relationships to equip High School Students and Young Adults to live Jesus > everything now, and throughout their life.

This person must be highly relational, energetic, dynamic, and have a self-driven passion for reaching, training, and equipping those they oversee to reach, train and equip others to follow Jesus.

Must be passionate about Jesus in his own life and believe that High School and Young Adults is the most important ministry in the church.

Needs to demonstrate the ability to create, plan, execute, and evaluate successful events, leadership development, and program growth.
Need to be pastoral: Knowing students and leaders. Connecting new students to other students and leaders, being aware of needs, and caring for the whole flock as well as leaders.
Needs to be a leader of leaders:
HSM: Executing a program to recruit, onboard, and develop adult leaders to disciple students, understanding that the impact of the ministry is reliant on: 1- God. 2- Adults knowing and discipling kids at a low ratio (ideal is 5-1).
YA: Executing a program to connect young adults to one another, grow them in their faith, call them into leadership positions, disciple one-another, be discipled by others in the church, connect to the larger church body, serve regularly, and live out their evangelistic faith outside the church context,
Needs to be administratively adept: Executing weekly gathering, preparing material and getting it to leaders, regular events promoted to rally kids/young adults and their friends to, camps 2x per year (HSM), serving opportunities, student leadership teams, and parent meetings (HSM) all need excellent communication and promotion with parents and students. Follow-up with newcomers is also a must.

Personal Responsibilities:
This individual must demonstrate a shepherd’s heart for people and model biblical priorities by being committed to:
Spending regular time in God’s Word and prayer.
Faithfully supporting the ministry of RLCC by giving regularly.
Must demonstrate spiritual maturity and a growing relationship with Jesus.
Displays a balance of humility and drive to build God’s kingdom.

As a church we use the following values in our strategy:
(Community) Growing people deeper in relationships with Jesus and others.
HSM: This includes a weekly, Sunday morning gathering, a mid-week small group focused time, and events to help students grow in relationship with each other as well as invite guests to at least once a quarter. 2 camps a year to get away, gather, and grow.
YA:This includes a weekly gathering as well as events to help Young Adults grow in relationship with each other as well as invite guests to. Camps are also a way to get away, gather, and grow.
(Service) Leading our people to seek opportunities to serve both inside and outside the church walls
BOTH HSM/ YA: Work with the children’s ministry director, Middle School pastor, Community pastor, to get students into positions of serving inside the church on a regular basis. We would like to see at least 70% of students serving on a regular basis (1/month). Schedule and plan community serving events (in the city, or things you can do at church for the community) two times per year (not including our two all-church RL serves, which you will encourage students to participate in with the larger church family.)

(Family) Equipping marriages and parents to thrive practically and spiritually.

Oversee High School and Young Adult ministry for grades 9-12 and 18- 20 somethings.
Works with other staff to help families (students AND parents) to live Jesus > everything.
Communicates vision for High school and young adults ministries with passion, conviction, and clarity
Ensure alignment of the student ministries with the overarching church strategies and values.
Recruit, train and provide leadership to volunteer teams
Select, prepare and teach Middle School and High School curriculum
Assume responsibility for quality control of overall environment
Develop and deliver High School services that help deepen students faith.
Create events and environments that are designed for welcoming and loving friends, and being intentional in helping guest get connected to others and Jesus.
Implement ways to partner with parents to develop student’s faith.
Oversee small group ministry and ensure it aligns with other programming and overall church vision.
Maintain a safe environment, including requiring background checks of all volunteers, avoiding dangerous activities, and ensuring that liability release forms for students are completed.
Meet and mentor interns, leaders, and parents.
Build student leaders/ young adult leaders (creating disciples).
Pastor and provide resources to students/families in crisis
Communicate, promote and prepare for meetings/events/trips (local and overseas)
Plan budget and monitor spending

Must have a minimum of 3 years’ full-time student ministry experience in a program of at least 75 students
Must exhibit strong leadership skills with high school and middle school students, as well as adult volunteers
Must be able to communicate relationally with large and small groups
Must provide relevant, interesting, creative, and appropriate programming skills—large groups, small groups, worship team
Must place a high value on the quality of production – décor, music, setting, feel, background music, staging, food, etc. and have the ability, creativity, and leadership to execute
Must be a team player; able to work well with the people within this ministry, as well as the other ministries and staff
Must relate well to a diverse group of students
Must possess good technical skills—computers, sound, lighting
Must have a high energy level and the physical ability to be active with students
Four-year degree is required—degree in Student Ministry is preferred
Musical talent—vocal, guitar, etc. is preferred

Organizational Relationships:
Reports to: Lead Pastor and Executive Director
Staff reporting to him: None at this time