Youth Pastor

May 15, 2024
$53,000 / year
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Job Description

On behalf of the Pastoral Search Committee, we appreciate your interest in our vacancy! The ideal candidate will be a relational leader who has practical experience with managing youth & children’s ministry programs. The candidate will also have demonstrated experience in successful team building, organizational skills and peer discipleship. He should be passionate about winning the lost, building believers up in their faith, equipping them for a life of ministry and sending them out on mission (Matthew 28:18-21). We are an EFCA church – contact

VCC Perspective.
Vista Community Church is a contemporary congregation that is willing to live in the tension of Grace and Truth. We are affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA), and as such, we align with our denomination on matters of faith & practice. For more information on our distinctives, please visit

Although we fully embrace a conservative mindset, we’re decidedly not reformed in our convictions. Nevertheless, we welcome all biblical Christians into our fellowship; emphasizing God’s grace and mercy to whoever chooses to believe. Therefore, we unabashedly teach the Word of God to all people longing for truth in an errant world. Our purpose is to win the lost, build believers, equip the workers, and multiply leaders. We seek to glorify God in our lives as we endeavor to multiply healthy churches among all people groups.

Local & Ready.
Located in Medina County just outside the urban sprawl of San Antonio, the city of Castroville is known for its tight-knit country roots. Until recently, Castroville remained a small farming community, but the expansion of San Antonio has pushed an enormous urban population in our direction.

As farmland is being sold, major subdivisions with thousands of families are quickly moving into the area. Additionally, Medina Valley ISD, one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas, has submitted plans for several new facilities over next 5 years.

Position Requirements

Minimum Requirements.
All candidates will be evaluated based on experience, education, interview(s) and references. Application materials, including a resume or curriculum vitae, should clearly reflect an applicant’s knowledge and ability related to the job requirements which are listed on the following pages.

(I) Leadership Experience.
 At least 2 years of pastoral experience in youth or familiy ministry within a church having no less than 100 members.
 Experience with recruiting adult volunteers and building ministry teams for service within a diverse environment.
 Demonstrated ability and enthusiasm to motivate both adults and students toward discipleship & outreach.
 Experience with integrating effective ministry programs for both churched & unchurched teenagers.
 Ability to remain self-motivated & accountable; capable of performing multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment.

(II) Administration.
 Experience and skill performing basic administrative tasks within an office setting.
 Comfortable with various forms of communication; to include written, verbal, and electronic.
 Flexibility to work remotely and independently as necessary.

(III) Spirituality.
 Applicant will be in full agreement with the statement of faith outlined by the EFCA.
 Demonstrated evidence of having conservative character as established in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.
 Demonstrated evidence of a humble & teachable mindset as identified in James 1:19-20.
 Ability to effectively communicate the Word of God to a diverse, multi-generational groups.
 Experience, education and testimony must demonstrate a call to vocational ministry.

(IV) Education.
 Bachelor’s Degree: Candidates must have an earned bachelor’s degree in a major field of study related to the advertised position (i.e., theology, apologetics, or other biblical discipline). The degree must have been awarded by a regionally or nationally accredited school.
 Combination: Candidates must have an earned bachelor’s degree in any field of study which was awarded by a regionally or nationally accredited school. Additionally, the applicant should be currently enrolled in an ATS accredited seminary. The degree or certificate program should have an emphasis which is related to the advertised position. Note: Although beneficial, the advertised position has no requirement for an earned graduate degree.

Additional Requirements
To help ensure capability for the position, Vista Community Church offers clarity on a few important distinctives. In addition to the aforementioned minimum requirements, applicants should also be in agreement on the following four areas.

 Family: If married, the applicant will ensure his family has the proper care needed. He must be a faithful husband who can balance ministry and personal obligations effectively. He will be expected to remain the head of his household and lead his wife spiritually in love. If the applicant also has children, he must be present and intentional as a caring & protective father. If single or dating, the applicant will ensure they maintain accountability to the healthy relational boundaries prescribed in the Bible.
 Philosophy of Ministry: We are a body of believers that welcomes all people; however, we expect those people to become more like Christ. Therefore, we do not applaud or condone any sinful behavior which is contrary to the Word of God. Such behavior could constitute immediate dismissal from employment, or in the event of selection for employment, immediate retraction of any job offer.
 Relational: Although Vista Community Church is blessed with a diverse body, we are not predominantly a reformed or charismatic congregation. As such, our ministry emphasizes God’s grace & gifting to whoever chooses to believe. Therefore, a successful Youth Pastor must relate to the entire congregation – not just young adults. Parents, staff and church members are a vital part of the ministry, and everyone must be valued. A successful Youth Pastor at Vista Community Church must be sensitive to the needs of others, compassionate, tactful and humbly willing to remain part of a team.
 Missional: Small towns in Texas are generally known for tight-knit friendships, strong conservative values and extremely hard-working families. The ideal applicant will embrace those distinctives and develop healthy relationships not only at Vista Community Church, but also within the community.

Vacancy Breakdown – Mandatory Core Duties (Equaling 100%)
The current position has been identified as a full-time vacancy. Compensation is $53,000 and included benefits will be discussed with the applicant prior to a tentative offer of employment.

Vista Teens – 80%
 Provide vision, strategy, and development for the Student Ministry (6th-12th Grade).
 Recruit, train, lead, and shepherd ministry team volunteers.
 Schedule meetings with leaders for feedback, communication, planning and training as needed.
 Foster an inviting, authentic, and fun culture for students to experience the gospel.
 Create, implement and teach biblical lessons which are both practical & relevant.
 Help parents, leaders, and teens think biblically and love others unconditionally.
 Build relational bridges in the community by attending activities such as FCA, band concerts, football games, etc.
 Organize and conduct camps, retreats, mission trips and service opportunities.
 Mobilize students to grow in their faith and reach their peers for Jesus.
 Develop and oversee budgets, expenses and policies for the Youth Ministry.
 Facilitate large-scale, grace-filled events for both churched an unchurched youth.
 Develop and implement youth policies and procedures.
 Work with church admin to ensure all volunteers have up to date background checks.
 Utilize planning center for scheduling of volunteers.
 Develop healthy communication channels with parents and youth.
 Develop healthy boundaries when posting on social media that agree with the values of the Christian faith.
 Provide pastoral care for Vista teens, its leaders, volunteers, and parents.

Additional Responsibilities – 20%
 Attend meetings, either in-person or virtually.
 Participate in general pastoral duties as needed or directed.
 Work toward licensure with the Evangelical Free Church of America.
 Attend additional seminars, conventions or training as applicable (travel may be required).

Working Conditions

 Work / Life: The selectee will frequently accomplish duties outside a church setting. The selectee must also have suitable internet access to accomplish job requirements from a remote (virtual) location. All responsibilities of the position will be self-paced, and the selectee must ensure proper time management and accountability with limited oversight from a supervisor.

 Travel: The selectee will be expected to routinely travel within the local San Antonio area by personal automobile. Although infrequent, travel outside the local area (by vehicle or airline) could also be required for special circumstances, events or missionary work.

 Supervisor: The selectee will be accountable and report directly to the Lead Pastor of Vista Community Church.