First United Methodist Church- Wynne

Director of Youth Ministry

About Candidate

Wynne First United Methodist Church

Director of Youth Ministries

Job Description



Wynne First United Methodist Church is looking for a person with a strong commitment to Jesus Christ,  who will direct the Student (6th-12th grade) ministries of the church as a member of the staff and coordinate these ministries with others.


The Director of Student Ministries will work with and report to the Pastor, Youth Task Force, and SPRC. The Director will coordinate ministries relating to Youth between 6th and 12th grades. The Director will also work with the Youth Taskforce to oversees and coordinate Student events and  regular programs.

Time Requirements

This position is considered full-time. However, time will vary, depending on the events of the week, including weekday programs, special or seasonal events, meetings with Pastor, staff and/or volunteers, and personal prep and organization time.

Description of Duties

Assist the Pastor in carrying out the vision of our Student Ministry. Recruit, train, and oversee scheduling of Sunday School teachers and curriculum. Recruit, train, and oversee Small Groups, plan and lead regular opportunities of worship for students.

·         Assist the Pastor in carrying out the vision of our Student Ministry.

·         Recruit, train, and oversee scheduling of Sunday School teachers and curriculum.

·         Plan, coordinate, assist, and look to expand where appropriate or necessary.

·         Plan and lead weekly Bible small group lessons and activities on Wednesday and Sunday nights.

·          Provide regular communication regarding various ministry events / activities to families and church.

·          Assist in planning and implementing special events and activities as planned by the Youth Taskforce and Pastor, such as Conference Events, Retreats, and Annual Mission Trips. The Student ministry must participate in at least one conference event and one week long mission trip each year.

·         Student Ministry should be engaged in our local mission field with monthly local mission projects.

·          Work with the Youth Taskforce and be open to other responsibilities as given.

·          Work to involve and welcome new families and members in ministry in the life of the church.

·          Work with the Staff and Youth Taskforce to envision new ministries.

·         Work with Children’s Ministry throughout the year in regard to events, Confirmation and transitioning 5th grade students up to Student Ministries.

Qualifications, Skills, and Gifts

·         A strong and growing personal commitment to Jesus Christ and the church.

·         Experience in Student ministry, paid experience on a church staff preferred.

·          A heart, passion, and love for children of all ages.

·         Committed to the values and vision of Wynne First United Methodist Church and the larger Family Ministry.

·          Team orientated and able to work with a variety of personalities.

·          Organized, creative, and strong oral and written communication skills as well as time management.

·         Understand social media and the use of Facebook, Instagram, the church’s website, online newsletter, along with special video presentations.

Terms of Employment

A Criminal Background check will be required.
Salary and benefits to be determined based on education and experience.
A Minimum of Three Professional References.
Reports to the Pastor, Youth Taskforce and SPRC for evaluation.
Training and Resources

Under the direction of the Pastor and Youth Taskforce, attending appropriate seminars and workshops on student ministry with a team and then implement what will work.
Consult with the Pastor and Youth Taskforce when selecting and designing new curriculum and programming ideas.